Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Google smart home from PLUS

PLUS company is now ready to convert your home to a Google smart home!  Smart home is home where every activity like music system, TV and such things will work according to your desired schedule. Learn more by clicking the link below.

Google Home Demo & Set-up

Thursday, November 9, 2017

3d cases for i phone

Kyasi Signature Phone Wallet Case for Apple iPhone 6 6S Deep Purple
Product Features: Fashionable and Functional design for Apple iPhone 6 6S, easy to install to protect your beloved phone from damage. Allows access to all buttons and ports for charging and other functions. Lightweight design perfectly fits your phone and does not add extra bulk to your phone. Easy maintenance. Wipes clean with ease. The interior pockets are designed to hold your driver's license or identification card, a few credit cards or business cards and there is even a little pocket to stash some cash. This is a must have case for anyone. A handstrap is included for those who wish to have a little extra security and there is even a double sided clasp so you can attach to other important items like a purse, etc... This is a incredibley functional and highly styled smart phone wallet case!

Click the link below to buy

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Ideal power bank to buy

Every one of us are having the need of power bank for our mobile phone,irrespective of the type of cell phone that we use. But we are reluctant to carry the power bank  because, we will be using normally a large display mobile phone which itself is bulky to carry and so we do not want additional burden. 
Also, some times we carry the charger but forget to carry the connecting wire chord.
The power bank which I am mentioning here will avoid all such problems because of its unique features

1] It can be directly connected to cell phone, without additional chord- so no need to carry wire.
2] It is very thin and flexible. So, it can be taped to a side of the cell phone with a tape, when not in use.
3] Can be easily charged as it is having Wireless charging facility.
4] It is having large area and so can have more energy/ charge.
5] Less cost compared to other power banks.
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