Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Air purifier is as absolute necessity today!

With lots of pollution in every big city, air purifier is a real need of the day. Here I have given links of some very good air purifiers. Click the image links  to buy.


or click the text link below

air purifier

Monday, December 4, 2017

Pinterest will not allow you to keep quite!

I am down with fever, but Pintarest will not allow me to keep quite. I am still doing the following and hence almost anyone can do!
  1. you can create a Pinterest blog headding image, as I have done above.
  2. You can read  many interesting articles or pin it for reading later.
  3. Notedown  important points in your mobile for writing a good blog post.
  4. Rearrange or clean your Pinterrest boards.
  5. Search and follow New friends.
  6. Check and analyse Pinterrest Analytics.
  7. write valuable comments of boards of other people.
  8. Most important thing is: click here to see!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Which soap is perfect for your face?


There are many types of soaps. Here I will restrict my writing to soaps used for face and body.
Some people say that acidic soaps only should be used. Some others say that alkaline soaps are better. There are people who believe that neutral soaps are to be used.
What should you do? First of all, you should understand that:
“A particular type of soap will not be suitable for all types of skin. Also, the soap that is best in summer for you will not be good for winter.”
Hence you should only decide about the soap that best suits your skin. For this purpose, many prestigious companies have manufactured small bar soaps, which are available at very less cost.  
Now, I will give some examples of these.

Look at this soap. It is having lime essence and fragrance. It is a delight to take bath using this soap. It makes you to feel fresh and the fragrance of it will inspire you.

Here is another soap. It is having aloe vera essence. It is said to cure some skin infections.
There are many number of such soaps and there is no end for such combinations available.
Look at this picture. It really a soap and not a sweet !

Some special soaps are having double layer. Each layer is having some special property. for the  soap shown above, one side layer contains tiny grains for scrubbing actions on the face and the other side is having chocolate essence! Scrubbing action will clean the dirt in the pores of the skin. You will enjoy such soap. 

One of the very important thing that you should know is:

Now you are thinking that “where to get all these soaps?” you need not worry. 
My wife had already opened such a shop about two months ago. Shop name is"HERBOTIQUE"  The address: N08, 2nd cross, Income tax layout, near Attiguppe, Bangalore 560040.  Timings: 6PM  to 8PM. Contact number : 8971862089.
It is in between eye world and Kanva mart.

All the things that I have written above are my own experiences and I have used all the above soaps and shampoos from past two months.( I will write about shampoos in another post)There are soaps for minimizing pimples. Some soaps are good in protection against harsh Sunlight.
 I am extremely happy about these products.

You can also buy these from our website at.

But, it is better to come to the shop and understand the nature of soaps, which soaps are to be used in what way and so on.

Friday, November 24, 2017

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Google smart home from PLUS

PLUS company is now ready to convert your home to a Google smart home!  Smart home is home where every activity like music system, TV and such things will work according to your desired schedule. Learn more by clicking the link below.

Google Home Demo & Set-up